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CrossFit - "Efficiency Tips: Muscle-ups" with Chris Spealler

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"Efficiency Tips: Handstand Push-Ups" with Chris Spealler - WODWatchTV.com

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FUNCTIONAL FITNESS! :) THE KIPPING PULL-UP! I so need to learn to do these.


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CrossFit - Butterfly Pull-Up Technique with Chris Spealler and Christy Phillips. CrossFit Squat.


Chris Spealler: CrossFit Legend

Chris Spealler's Tips for Efficient Kipping Handstand Push Ups

I got it over with on Friday night as I forecasted Saturday's wine tasting might inhibit my performance. Meg came to cheer me on, and Dana judged.

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CFJ_Intensity_Cecil_3.jpg Chris Spealler ...

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“Find your weaknesses, make friends with them, then beat them to death.

CrossFit Games Open 12.5

Again | Crossfit Invoke

Check out the socks .

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I got it over with on Friday night as I forecasted Saturday's wine tasting might inhibit my performance. Meg came to cheer me on, and Dana judged.

4.27.13 WOD

Depending on where people are at it can take a month, a year, or even a few years to nail a strict pull up. This can depend on several factors.

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Technique Tips Toes to Bar Move better at the Bar Exercise play

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... thread emerged from every conversation: When it comes to the best highlights from the CrossFit Games, everyone loves to see a David slay a Goliath.


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It's unlikely that you are highly mobile in all of these areas—which is why the overhead squat is often avoided by so many athletes.


Pat Sherwood and Chris Spealler in Reston, Virgina. Not pictured Adrian Bozman. These three guys make it look easy, they are very good at what they do and ...

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I remember some time ago reading an article by Chris Spealler about the mental game of CrossFit. He was talking about the biggest stage, of course, ...

Article: How Poor Posture Affects Your Health and Athletic Performance

Why the Majority of Your Workouts Should Be Couplets and Triplets | BoxLife Magazine

Angie - Chris Spealler (10:11)

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For Chris Spealler, gymnastics triplets often need modification to help him become fitter overall. (Shaun Cleary/CrossFit Journal)

Q - How long have you been training in CrossFit and did you exercise prior to joining JSA?

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Dustin is a long time CrossFitter who just moved here from South Dakota.

Members taking a moment of silence before a Hero WOD.

Efficiency Tips- Muscle-ups with Chris Spealler

I've been on a major kipping pullup kick lately. Another topic in the pullup world I wanted to touch on briefly (I promise I'll stop talking about kipping ...

Active Performance Tips - 52(ish) chest-to-bar pull-ups, kipping. CrossFit Active Performance

My strategy was to fly through the first “round” of snatches and pull-ups so my tie-breaker score would be competitive. I finished the round of 65# snatches ...

Strict Pull-up, courtesy of CrossFit Thames

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January's Member of the Month - Brian Higgins

CrossFit – “Efficiency Tips: Muscle-ups” with Chris Spealler