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Tales From the Crypt #20 from EC Comics. Click for current values

Crime Suspenstories (1950-55 E.C. Comics) 3


Crime Suspenstories (1950-55 E.C. Comics) 2

Crime Patrol #16 by EC Comics. Click for current worth

EC Comics - Tales from the Crypt. "Our Bible".

Crime SuspenStories #22 (May 1954), cover art by Craig, was displayed at the United States Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency hearings.

Crime SuspenStories Vol 1 4

So meta for the 1950, meta wasn't a word.

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Tales from the Crypt (comics)

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Creepshow Comic book Club Membership kit -Novelty Item - EC Comics

... Comic Scans, E.C. Comics |. Zombie! from The Crypt of Terror #19

E.C. COMICS: TFT #28 T-Shirt by Harvey Kurtzman

From Four Color Fear: Forgotten Horror Comics of the 1950s


Superheroes didn't reach popularity until the mid 1940's. Because of this, genres within comics were as vast as any other book.

Tales from the Crypt (1950 E.C. Comics) 29


Censorship of EC Comics

Marie Severin (colorist)

So it might be argued that EC comics was a mixed bag. Certainly, a number of the comics had redeeming elements---such as:

Moon Girl #6 (1949). Publication information. Publisher · EC Comics



... EC Comics. Jack Davis

The Horror. Congress investigates the comics.

EC Comics / Via ...

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Weird Fantasy (1950 E.C. Comics) 6

Horrifically gory end to “Foul Play.” Photo: EC Comics

Shouldn't ...

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1970's EC Comics Tales from the Crypt 25 horror comic book cover artwork poster | eBay

Two-Fisted Tales #35, EC Comics, October 1953.

... and comics), Mad seems almost irrelevant, incomprehensible and dull. Would anyone consider “Blobs!” (Mad #1) or something as cliched and unimaginative ...

Horror Comics of the 1950s

These are among the best drawn comic books ever created. Here is a gallery of covers for you to peruse…

... each of them caricaturing themselves in single-panel inserts ...

Tales from the Crypt Vol 1 46

Photo: EC Comics. When the comic-book ...

All is well and good until Tarlton realizes that the orange robots and the blue robots are treated differently.

This is a very interesting EC Comics story from Shock Suspenstory #6. It has one of those famous EC twists that made their stories much more compelling than ...

Jeff Bezos Wants to Explore the Moon With Blue Origin's New Lander


The Vault of Horror (comics)

Details about Frontline Combat #5 (1952) Good 2.0 ~ Harvey Kurtzman ~ War ~ EC Comics (C2)

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Our Story. EC Comics ...

EC Comics and why they're great. Adam T Bennett Comic Books

EC Comics, perhaps best-known today as the company behind Mad Magazine, spent the 1950s producing some of the most subversive and contentious comic books in ...

But the 1950s also gave birth to the word “teenager” and with it a widespread fear of juvenile delinquency, due to the increased and unprecedented ...

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The EC Archives: Tales from the Crypt Volume 1: Various: 9781616558376: Books

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... Golden Age (1938-1955):Science Fiction, EC Comics Group Lot ...

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The Horror! The Horror!: Comic Books the Government Didn't Want You to Read! by Jim Trombetta

Featuring great artwork from the skilled hands of Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein & Jack Davis, these wonderful covers made E.C.Comics stand out in the crowd.

1: Issues 1-6 (The EC Archives) Hardcover – February 20, 2007


Tales from the Crypt/ Vault of Horror/Haunt of Fear (1950-1955)

There ...

In fact, while there were some back issues of Max Gaines' "Picture Stories from the Bible" and such, those comics weren't being produced any longer.

Lady Satan taking care of business. (Lady Satan)

Tales from the Crypt (1950 E.C. Comics) 40

howard nostrand ray bradbury EC horror comics

Frontline Combat #1 from EC Comics. Click for values

Another cliche is to talk about how great EC Comics were. Well they were! This story, "Master Race", from Shock SuspenStories, is known both for its grim ...

Original Comic Art:Panel Pages, Graham Ingels - Vault of Horror #22,

Radium-induced face melt...uh, WIN...they don't make comics like that anymore, and it makes me woeful that I didn't grow up with these books.


Bill Gaines was looking for new talent and hired Al Feldstein later in 1948, and they both rubbed off on each other and decided to take EC Comics into a new ...

... Sucker Bait and Other Stories (The EC Comics Library) by Graham Ingels - page

10 Digital Comic Books You Need to Read Right Now

Details about Picture Stories From World History #1 EC Comics 1947 VG/FN

EC Comics

1954-EC_CrimeSuspensStories_EVIDENCE. “

This story appeared in one of EC's New Direction books, issue 1 of Impact and seems to have been quit an influential comic story too and there is a ...

PANIC cover

Action Comics No. 1 (1938)

In the 1950s, EC Comics, famed for horror books, chose to forgo hand lettered narration in favor of typeset printing. From a modern perspective, ...

Three Dimensional E.C. Classics


Do you have this issue in your collection? The first comic book appearance of Harley

Crime SuspenStories Vol 1 12

These are among the best drawn comic books ever created. Here is a gallery of covers for you to peruse…

EC Comics was responsible for many of the best horror, sci-fi and crime comic books of the '40s and '50s, including Tales from the Crypt, ...

EC Comics

and Other Stories (The EC Comics Library) Hardcover – April 16, 2013