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Kilgore Architecture Products Facility, Kalwall panels, translucent insulation, daylighting, eco-friendly

Passive house plus issue 20 (irish edition) by Passive House Plus (Sustainable Building) - issuu

Solving Power Generation's Toughest Insulation Challenges

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Kalwall panels, translucent insulation, daylighting, eco-friendly insulation, green insulation,

Sue Wheat's street

Passive house plus issue 11 (Irish edition)

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... in the late 1920s, aerogels are considered one of the most unique substances on earth – with a multitude of impressive properties and applications.

Not much room for insulation. An old house in an historic district has recently been re-roofed with cedar shingles over skip sheathing.

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Prefab Homes Flexible Aerogel Decorative Material Exhaust Insulation Panel

Plant material aligns to make tough aerogels

Interior Residential Application of Lumira® aerogel Interior Walls, Home Interior Design, Office Walls

1950s Cork City house reborn as healthy low-energy home

E-Therm Ultra Floor Insulation

Cutting Edge Green Building Methods and Materials (infographic)



Why Solid Wall Insulation?

This high-performance wall option comes from Passive House designer and architect Steve Baczek.

Aerogel Insulation

If you are building a new house or remodeling in the near future, try one of these green home insulation alternatives to make your home safe and healthy.

Historic London house gets near passive transformation

Intelligent Insulation

Performance of a range of thermal insulations in a historic building

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Houses on the Mall

(Representative image) scientists have successfully converted paper waste into green cellulose aerogels that are

Lumira® aerogel enhances mutiwall polycarbonate systems insulation.

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45% Energy Saving Aerogel Insulation Jacket for Band Heater, Injection Barrel, Equipment pictures

A couple of weeks back all the talk was of the formidable Beast from the East and the sustained sub zero temperatures. There aren't too many positives from ...

The findings from the study demonstrated how the energy and CO2 required to manufacture high performance silica aerogel insulation can be recovered within ...

A planned house in Washington state is a single-story with a floor area of less than 1,000 square feet. Working with a limited budget, the owner is trying ...


aero011. Feature ...

This manuscript provides a bird's eye view on energy in buildings. We discuss how energy policy leads to building standards that affect innovation in the ...

Aerogel Insulation: Enabling the Future of Energy

Sustainability through Energy-Efficient Buildings book cover

Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts

Window post with aerogel insulation Cold Bridge with Mould Visible

Passive House Explained in 90 Seconds

new construction methods - infographic


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A 5.5 pound brick is supported by a piece of silica aerogel weighing only 2 grams

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High Temperature Mould Thermal Insulation Jacket/Cover/Blanket pictures & photos

Lumira® aerogel enhances mutiwall polycarbonate systems insulation.

... of electricity from conventional sources, the concept of a self-powered house is slowly becoming popular as architects try to develop designs for a sust

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Energy conservation is a growing trend.

eco friendly roof pricing

Maria Felice examines the extraordinary properties of aerogels.

Energy efficiency is about more than just U-values – the building envelope must be

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10 Apr. Window post with aerogel insulation ...

Green home insulation

A new thermal insulation sheet.

InstaClad is InstaGroup's product range for Solid Wall External insulation. It's ideal for solid wall properties that for various reasons are termed 'hard ...


20x15cm Super Light Silica Aerogel Insulation Hydrophobic Mat 3/6/10mm Thickness -

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Bora has switched to mineral wool as its standard insulation material for rainscreen ...

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10 Steps Toward a Zero Energy Home [Infographic]

Contura 810L wood-burning stove


Aerogel Insulation Cover for Injection Heat Band pictures & photos

person spraying foam insulation into wood walls

A flower is on a piece of aerogel which is suspended over a flame from a Bunsen burner. Aerogel has excellent insulating properties, and the flower is ...

Enlarge A transparent aerogel could reduce the energy loss in absorbers for solar thermal power plants by

Aerogel Insulation Blanket Silica Aerogel, Aerogel Blanket, Thermal Insulation MateriaI

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Utilizing aerogel insulation technology developed by NASA - the highest insulating material in existence - Thermablok® is a highly efficient, aerogel-based ...

Granite-hewn Victorian home upgraded to PHI low energy standard -

Aluminum Foil Aerogel Insulation Blanket

... 2 April 2003; 48. ENOVA AEROGEL (INSULATED ...

AEROCOINs: The right way to achieve the Aerogel-Based Building Super- Insulation Systems